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  • Why do you change the font size?

It seemed more suitable according to the figure size. Otherwise either the figures were to small to be visualized properly or the text was too small in relation to the figures and became "lost" in the page. I tried different layouts and I can change it back.

  • See the history to view edits of the language. (minor)


  • Passive voice is disfavoured in English writing. ;-)

I will work on that. Thank you.


  • Your text reads a bit like a novel, e.g. on the process of the discovery of the disease and its gene. You could try to shift the focus from the narration of the sequence of events to the structured statement of facts from biology and biochemistry. ;-)

I will also work on that.

  • You do not need to sum up the theory for your tasks.

I know I do not have to. But if I have the time, I would like to. It helps me clarify my ideas and understand why and how each method can help the analysis.

  • In the graphical representation of the gene it would be helpful to include some scale (to relate to the codon numbers you quote).

Ok, when I have time I will edit the figure.

  • Why do you write about codon numbers, not amino acids?

Only because this is how the authors of the paper did it.

  • Please include explicit sources for your graphics.

I thought I did. When they were not made by me there is a reference, right? Is there any specific case you could point?

Thank you!