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Hey Ladys :) I suppose you are not done yet? (Nice poem btw)
What I can say so far:

  • I really like the TMH visualization! Makes the huge amount of information and numbers clearer
  • You try to give a good overview of the details
  • There are a lot of typos! Ahh, typos are nasty.. I tried to fix some ^^ Thanks!

--Rackersederj 18:54, 20 May 2012 (UTC)

Indeed not, sorry ;-). Hope that's okay! We'll hopefully be done by today (Monday) evening :)

No need to hurry. Write me when you are done or I'll just take a look tomorrow morning.

---> All done now except for GOTerms and PFAm. So if you want to do most of the reading tonight, go ahead :-). GOTerms and Pfam coming shortly (I hope). But they'll be there tomorrow morning for sure.

Lots of reading for one night ;) Just a short note: Try to avoid abbreviations like "we're" and "don't" --Rackersederj 22:56, 21 May 2012 (UTC)

---> true (abbreviations). Already deleted those that I found. I guess I do that when I get tired... :-) Fanny

A really good written article. The visualization of the comparison of the secondary structure prediction tools is the best one I have seen so far. Very clear and it helps to actually compare the tools visually.

Some suggestions for the disorder section:

  • I could not find anything about the likelihood threshold (0.5) and it is not clear from your figures, i.e. a horizontal line.
  • Maybe use the same scale for the figures. An y-axis up to 1.2 is not useful and it would be easier to compare the figures when the axis range is the same.

I wonder why you used the structure 1O5J for Q9X0E6 in the Predictions and Disorder sections and not 1KR4.

1KR4	X-ray	1.40	A	1-101
1O5J	X-ray	1.95	A	1-101

Staniewski 08:31, 22 May 2012 (UTC)