SNPs for Hema

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Your challenge this week is: Synthesize all this proteins, provide samples and taste them. Order them according to similarity to the taste of chicken.

  • NM_139006.2:c.68G>A ARG23HIS
  • NM_139006.2:c.157G>A VAL53MET
  • NM_139006.2:c.175G>A VAL59MET
  • ARG66CYS
  • ARG66GLU
  • NM_139006.2:c.381A>C GLN127HIS
  • NM_139006.2:c.629G>A ARG224GLN
  • NM_139006.2:c.734A>G ASN259SER
  • NM_139004.2:c.277G>C GLY93ARG
  • NM_139006.2:c.947G>T ARG330MET

(yes, we kept the solution. Do you want it?)