Labjournal NMA-Hemochromatosis

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WebNM@ mode movies with pymol

In order to make a movie from the c-alpha trajectory from WebNM@, the following PyMol script was used to generate a series of png images.

<source lang="python"> reinitialize load ./1A6ZA.pdb, 1A6ZA

hide everything, all show cartoon, 1a6zA color green, 1a6zA

mset 2 -10 -2 set ray_trace_frames, 1 set cache_frames=0 mclear set cartoon_transparency, 0.4

load modes_visualization/1A6Z.mode$, Mode$i load_traj ./modes_visualization/1A6Z.mode$i.dcd, Mode$i hide everything, Mode$i show ribbon, Mode$i color red, Mode$i mclear mpng movies/movie$i/mode$i hide everything, Mode$i </source>

The png images were then converted into a gif animation using ImageMagick.

convert -delay 10 -loop 0 mode*.png mode$i.gif