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Robert Greil (sorry, currently no picture available)


Robert Greil is a bioinformatics student in his 8th bachelor semester.


Robert works together with Cedric Landerer on Hemochromatosis.

All solutions can be found here.


The disease talk was given about Hemochromatosis.


Overview about Hemochromatosis

Task 2: Sequence and multiple alignments

Task 3: Sequence-based predictions

Task 4: Homology based structure predictions

Task 5: Mapping SNPs

Task 6: Sequence-based mutation analysis

Task 7: Structure-based mutation analysis

Task 8: Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Task 9: Normal mode analysis

Task 10: Molecular Dynamcis analysis


The specialist talk was given about about the topic homology modelling on June 21th. It was done together with Benedikt Zacher.