Task 7: Structure-based mutation analysis

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Task description

A detailed task description can be found here.

Selection of protein structure

We had the following choice of reference structures for PAH:

Entry Method Resolution (A) Chain Positions
1DMW X-Ray 2.00 A 118-424
1J8T X-Ray 1.70 A 103-427
1J8U X-Ray 1.50 A 103-427
1KW0 X-Ray 2.50 A 103-427
1LRM X-Ray 2.10 A 103-427
1MMK X-Ray 2.00 A 103-427
1MMT X-Ray 2.00 A 103-427
1PAH X-Ray 2.00 A 117-424
1TDW X-Ray 2.10 A 117-424
1TG2 X-Ray 2.20 A 117-424
2PAH X-Ray 3.10 A/B 118-452
3PAH X-Ray 2.00 A 117-424
4PAH X-Ray 2.00 A 117-424
5PAH X-Ray 2.10 A 117-424
6PAH X-Ray 2.15 A 117-424

All these structures have in common that they did not solve the structure of the whole PAH protein. They only solve the catalytic domain of PAH, the missing parts are the tetramerisation domain and the regulatory domain which are located at the N- and C- terminal ends. In addition, there is no complete true apo structure available either. All structures have at least a Fe2+ atom bound. Because of this we thought it might be better if we select a structure which has all reaction components or at least most of them bound in the catalytic site in order to get a good picture of the binding site configuration. Though, only 1KW0 and 1MMK fulfilled the constrains that all reaction components are bound.

In the end we did not select 1KW0 or 1MMK, we decided us for the structure 1J8U which is complexed with Fe2+ and BH4 (5,6,7,8-TETRAHYDROBIOPTERIN). Only. This has simple reasons. First of all it has the lowest resolution (1.5 Angstrom) and secondly we already used this structure in previous task as our reference structure for PAH. So we think to keep our experiments more consistent we should stay with this structure. Furthermore, we identified this structure to have no gaps and it solves the complete catalytic domain (as all available structures). Also, the R-Value looked good to us which is 0.157.

To sum it up our selected structure 1J8U has the following experimental metrics (taken from PDBe):

1J8U experimental details.png

Mapping mutations to the structure