Task 6: Sequence-based mutation analysis

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Task description

A detailed task description can be found here.

Mutation selection

We selected the following ten mutations:

  • I65T
  • R71H
  • R158Q
  • R261Q
  • T266A
  • P275S
  • T278N
  • P281L
  • G312D
  • R408W

5 of these mutations are associated with our disease phenylketonuria the other 5 not. However, at this point we are not going to tell which of these are the associated and which are not. We are going to lift this "secret" after our sequence based mutation analysis in order to validate our in silico generated predictions.

To keep our association secret we encrypted the file which contains the disease association for each mutation with the following linux command: "vim -x selected_mutations_and_association.txt"

The encrypted output is as follows:

Encrypted img.png

The decryption can be only performed with the correct password.