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  • Just nitpicking: You mention 23 coding SNPs in dbSNP, but your search link shows 32, for
ASPA[All Fields] AND ("missense"[Function_Class] AND "homo sapiens"[Organism] AND "snp"[Snp_Class])

I get 24, the Venn diagram shows different numbers again. I guess I'm mixing things up here, but I'm not sure, where your numbers come from.

  • Very nice and clearly arranged presentation of the mapping results though, and I like the hotspot section. Maybe an x-axis numbering for figures 6 and 7, so I know where to look for das ende da, but ... nitpicking again. :-)

Oh right, thanks for mentioning! I had been meaning to edit 'das Ende da' and write a proper sentence. //Done now.

And we'll have a look into the numbers, thanks for mentioning. Don't know at the moment what's up with that, but it might have to do with how exactly you do the counting when there are several mutations from different databases in the same residue? We'll look into it!

now that we startet it, i can mention, that the mutuation from - to W in the last position is not a SNP ;) at least not in the basic sense we defined it
additionally in the big mapping table, i really think that you either shouldn't change the residuenumber from x to x_2 because it is the same residue.

But as you can see i really have to try hard, to find something to criticise... and so i have to thank you for reminding me to map the mutations in the structure as well! I planned on doing it and just completely forgot after i got finished with my first mapping. Nicly done here! --Hollizeck 21:06, 11 June 2012 (UTC)