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Just out of interest (I'm not reviewing your page this week): How did you generate your Venn diagrams? I really like the way they look.

  • We made use of this online tool.

I see, you're not finished with the alignment part yet, but a few comments:

  • I'm not sure about your evalutation of the hit list in pdb: You only report the overlap but don't use them as test set?
    • To which extend should we use the PDB hits as test set? Do you mean that we should have done a ROC analysis? As I wrote in the wiki, we would have needed a uniform test set for HHblits and blastpgp for being able to compare the different methods thoroughly. Another point is, that I do not really known how to classify the PDB hits as true positives and false positives. Did you find a good solution for that?
      • Not really, it just sounded like you had one for PDB but didn't tell us. :)
  • If I get the task description right, we are supposed to create 5 datasets for the alignments, as you have done. Only if this is not possible, 3 less strictly defined datasets can be used.

--Boidolj 18:38, 7 May 2012 (UTC)

  • I already talked about this in the last meeting and I know we did not come to a conclusion but i really dont think one should write about topics which do not concern THIS topic. If you really want to tell us something about the BIG or BIG_80 database i think you should do it in a separate topic
  • its rather difficult to read your sentences with the parameter settings as a plain string like 1e-9
  • the last table should be fairly interesting but its empty I'm afraid as is the discussion meaning 2.4

--Hollizeck 20:06, 7 May 2012 (UTC)