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This is just a place to add criticism and or positive feedback so we Jonathan and Sebastian have a possibility to improve. Please note, that we wont be able to adress all matters immediately but we will address them eventually!

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positive feedback

I like your map. Although it contains really a lot information. Adding the grey dashed lines really helped!

There is really not much to say this week... Nice, short sentences, though :)


You have covered all the task and the page is well structured and written. It is clear what you wanted to say and so my suggestions only concern the form.

Staniewski 18:24, 11 June 2012 (UTC)


  • Databases: The links to the database pages look a bit out of place. Incorporating them into the text would be better, imo. E.g.
The SNPs concerning PAH in SNPedia all appear in dbSNP and there is no additional information attached so we do not investigate them in any separate way.
    • Too lazy so far, on it.
  • dbSNP: The links to the search results do not work. The wiki system does not seem to like brackets in links. There may be a better way, but I worked around it by 'urlencoding' the links. When you do it by hand, just replace [ with %5B and ] with %5D.
    • hmm, they work for me (Ubuntu, Chrome), and I used the %5x notation, maybe a browser issue?
I don't know what the actual issue is, but it only happens with firefox. It seems to be related to the noscript addon though since it now complains about XSS in the url. When you remove the parenthesis - they are not really required in your query anyway - it goes away. Or you just ignore it. ;)
Staniewski 21:09, 11 June 2012 (UTC)
  • SNPdbe conservation score (PKU): There is so much empty space on this page that it might be better to arrange the figures in a row rather than a column.
    • done
  • Distribution of Mutations: Having five figures in one row is a bit too wide for a resolution of 1280x1024.
    • looks nice on 1600*900 ;)
  • Mapping at Sequence: One or two introductory sentences with a reference to the Figure 1 would be nice.
  • Mapping at Structure
    • Again, maybe arrange figures in row(s).
    • There is something wrong with the caption of figure 5. I think you cannot use <xr> in captions.
      • yep

Staniewski 18:24, 11 June 2012 (UTC)


We will use OMIM to select common variants and interesting SNPs for nest weeks task.
Try: We will use OMIM to select common variants and interesting SNPs for next week's task.

  • done

For the diseasecausing residues on the other hand,
For the disease causing residues on the other hand,

  • done.


  • Short Task Description: "In this weeks task, we will research SNPs in the PAH gene" → In this week's task
  • dpSNP: should be dbSNP :)
  • HGMD and dbSNP: there are additional brackets around the reference sequence link
  • Mapping: I think it's "mapping to", not "mapping at"
    • and done

Staniewski 18:24, 11 June 2012 (UTC)