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This is just a place to add criticism and or positive feedback so we Jonathan and Sebastian have a possibility to improve. Please note, that we wont be able to adress all matters immediately but we will address them eventually!

schematic group of people coloured in several colours with speech bubbles above their head
source: [1]


Pymol pics with white backround rather than black.

    • Totally highjacking this and suggesting transparency 'set ray_opaque_background, off' -jonas

positive feedback

Nice work! Very structured and creative! Nice approval/rejection signs ;)


When discussion the mutations in general, you could have (shortly) repeated whether it actually is disease-causing or not, even though the inclined reader could have tried to memorise that the predctions are wrong in only one case ;-). (I didn't and therefore) It is a bit tedious to scroll up to the overview table to back-check it. But this is just a minor suggestion, really.