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Feedback: It's a pitty that you didn't have a structure with a different conformation, but you tried to do as much as you could with your given data. I don't know if your finished with this task or not, but at least the ElNemo section could use a bit more text (a bit more detail on the modes; what could cause the inversion). Other than that I liked your entry. It was brief, you always tried to make sense of the motions (in the WEBnm@ section at least). --Bernhoferm 13:35, 16 July 2012 (UTC)

Spelling errors:

  • "We will calculate visualize large coordinate movements..." Missing an "and".
  • "...the protein is modeled as harmonically oscillating system..." -> "as A harmonically".
  • " describe a proteins motions." -> "a protein's motions".
  • "...we get an overlap of the high frequence modes..." Do you really mean the high freq modes? Not the low freq ones.
    • I meant the higher (~90) frequency modes, yes. This is really only a tiny change, not a conformational one, the low frequency modes are large movements.
  • "...there is no clear tendence to be found..." -> "tendency".
  • "...but the structure is moved changed quite a bit..." -> remove either "moved" or "changed".


  • Figure 36 and 37 have the same caption text. Both with the same error "...C-terminal binding domain is ound in the upper left...".
  • In the ElNemo fluctuation plots you talk about "red and green dots", but they are "red and blue" ;)
    • meh -.-