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hej u2 :) nice strukture picture :D Is there a reason why you summed up some phenotypes under one point in your Phenotype listing? I'm just curious ;) Did you prefer a unique measure of the iron content (in mg)? otherwise I would change the 3000mg to 3g The splitting of Pathophysiology into disease mechanism and the "normal" process is good idea. Wenn I saw your inheritance table, I first wonderd about HFE only occuring for caucasian and then I read further, and hej you described it, nice :)

:D haha MHC class I :D 

You really wrote a good wiki entry, I liked reading it :) cu 2morrow :) julia

Hey Kathi&Alex :)

I don't have much to add to Julia. I really liked and enjoyed reading you wiki entry, too! And I also liked the pymol visualization of the crucial C-C brige ;) Everything is very nicely structured and explained. Just one suggestion: maybe it would be helpful to average people without knowledge of medical terms of diseases, if you provide a very short explanation of some diseases like liver cirrhosis / cell necrosis, or at least a crosslink to the term in Wikipedia/OMIM.

Good night and see you tomorrow :)