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  • By choosing three different structures, this task was probably quiet tedious for you.
  • If you had chosen only two structures, your entry would have become shorter and you could have spent more time on comparing both structures.
  • I only noticed one minor issue: "each mode and are inversely related to the amplitude of the motion". As far as I know, modes are ordered by their eigenvalue, i.e. the eigenvalue of mode 1-6 is zero and mode 7 has the smallest non zero eigenvalue. The eigenvalue in turn corresponds to the square of the frequency, but it is not necessarily correlated with the amplitude. By saying "Compared to mode 7, the movements of mode 8 have higher amplitudes", you are contradicting yourself.
  • But your entry is in general much better than our entry!

Thanks so far. Great part is still missing though. We will continue to work on the task.

Concerning the amplitude issue.. this is what is written on the Webnm@ wesite: "Deformation energies and eigenvalues reflect the energy associated with each mode and are inversely related to the amplitude of the motion described by a the corresponding modes. "