Structure-based mutation analysis HEXA

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We had to use a PDB file, in which are no missing residues. It was not possible to find one file, without any missing residues. In each file there was a gap between residue 74 to 89 and the last amino acid. Therefore, we decided to cut off the first 89 residues and use a PDB file with a structure from 89 - 528. This file can be found [here].


Because of the shorten PDB file, it was not possible for us to analyse the first two mutations on position 29 and 39.

SNP-id codon number mutation codon mutation triplet
rs4777505 29 Asn -> Ser AAC -> AGC
rs121907979 39 Leu -> Arg CTT -> CGT
rs61731240 179 His -> Asp CAT -> GAT
rs121907974 211 Phe -> Ser TTC -> TCC
rs61747114 248 Leu -> Phe CTT -> TTT
rs1054374 293 Ser -> Ile AGT -> ATT
rs121907967 329 Trp -> TER TGG -> TAG
rs1800430 399 Asn -> Asp AAC -> GAC
rs121907982 436 Ile -> Val ATA -> GTA
rs121907968 485 Trp -> Arg gTGG -> CGG

Analysis of the mutations

We created for each mutation an extra page. The summary of the analysis can be seen in the Summary Section.