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(Subset of mutations)
(Subset of mutations)
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H = helix,
H = helix,
E = beta-sheet,
E = beta-sheet,
C = coil,
C = coil
== PSSM ==
== PSSM ==

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Subset of mutations

Reference amino acid Mutated amino acid BLOSUM62 PAM1 PAM250 Secondary Structure
Position Residue Properties Structure Residue Properties Structure
29 G tiny, small E charged, polar C
125 Q acidic, polar E charged, polar C
166 Y hydrophobic, aromatic, polar N acidic, polar, small H
249 G tiny, small S polar, small, tiny, hydroxylic H
264 C sulphur containing, hydrophobic, tiny, small, polar W hydrophobic, aromatic, polar E
265 R charged, positive (basic), polar W E
326 I T E
361 I V H
409 F C C
438 Y N C

Annotation: H = helix, E = beta-sheet, C = coil


PsiBlast was run using the following command: blastpgp -i sequence.fasta -j 5 -d /data/blast/nr/nr -C profile.ckp




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