Secondary Structure Prediction BCKDHA

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1. Secondary structure prediction

2. Prediction of disordered regions

3. Prediction of transmembrane alpha-helices and signal peptides

Transmembrane topology and signal peptides are features that are likely to be conserved during evolution.


Phobius predicted a signal peptide with about 90% probability at the beginning of the sequence. The predicted signal peptide is 34 amino acids long. The rest of the amino acid is a non cytoplasmic protein sequence. No part of the protein is predicted to be transmembrane spanning.

Signal 1 34
Region 1 16 N-Region
Region 17 25 H-Region
Region 26 34 C-Region
TOPO_DOM 35 445 non cytoplasmic


TOPO_DOM 1 445 Non cytoplasmic

4. Prediction of GO terms