Lab Journal of Task 3 (MSUD)

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Secondary structure

Disordered protein

  • IUPred
    • Predictions were performed through the web server of IUPred. Graphical profiles of

the results were downloaded.

    • Output of IUPred are stored in the directory


    • We have also performed the prediction from command-line, following is the bash script:

<source lang="bash">

  1. !/bin/sh -e

INPUT=$HOME/master-practical-2013/task03 OUTPUT=$HOME/master-practical-2013/task03/02-disordered-protein/iupred PARAMS="long short glob"

if [ ! -d $OUTPUT ]; then

       mkdir $OUTPUT


for seq in $INPUT/*.fasta do

       filename=`basename $seq`
       for param in $PARAMS
               iupred $seq $param > $OUTPUT/iupred_${filename}_$param.tsv

done </source>

Transmembrane helices

Signal peptides

GO terms