Lab Journal Task 3 Hemo

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Secondary Structure Predictions

= Output unification

DSSP, reprof and psipred all have different output types. In order to compare the results, the following mappings were performed

H helix
E extended
L loop -> C

H = alpha helix -> H
B = residue in isolated beta-bridge -> C
E = extended strand, participates in beta ladder -> E
G = 3-helix (3/10 helix) -> H
I = 5 helix (pi helix) -> C
T = hydrogen bonded turn - C
S = bend -> C


H helix
E sheet
C disordered

Disorder Prediction

Transmembrane Helix Prediction

Signal Peptides

signalP server Version 4.1

  • Organism: Eukaryote
  • D-cutoff values: default
  • Input may include TM-helices: yes
  • Restrictions: None

GO Terms