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Basic Information

Jpred itself is just a Protein Secondary Structure Prediction server, which exists since 1998 in different versions. JPred predicts Solvent Accessibility and Coiled-coil regions with the Lupas method and the secondary structure with the Jnet algorithm.


Author James A. Cuff, Geoffrey J. Barton
Year 2000
Reference PubMed 10861942
ML Method Neural Network

Jnet uses two neural networks for its prediction. The first network is feeded with a window of 17 residues over each amino acid in the alignment plus a conservation number. It uses a hidden layer of nine nodes and has three output nodes, one for each secondary structure element.

The second network is feeded with a window of 19 residues (the result of first network) plus the conservation number. It has a hidden layer with nine nodes and has three output nodes.