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<figtable id="Missense">
<figtable id="Missense">

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<figtable id="Synonymous">

position codon change residue change RS ID SNP type
7 CCG-->CCA Pro=>Pro rs114758821 synonymous
58 TTC-->TTT Phe=>Phe rs147297176 synonymous
63 CAT-->CAC His=>His rs147426902 synonymous
76 TCC-->TCT Ser=>Ser rs62625342 synonymous
162 GCC-->GCG Ala=>Ala rs148480830 synonymous
253 CCT-->CCA Pro=>Pro rs182920795 synonymous
298 GAG-->GAA Glu=>Glu rs114038675 synonymous
315 GTT-->GTC Val=>Val rs148632352 synonymous
342 TAC-->TAT Tyr=>Tyr rs35201683(includes rs62625348) synonymous
Table 1: Synonymous SNPs [extracted from dbSNP].


<figtable id="Missense">

position codon change residue change RS ID SNP type
6 AGG-->AGC Arg=>Ser rs149342416 missense
17 ACC-->ATC Thr=>Ile rs143662783 missense
23 CGC-->CAC Arg=>His rs148161858 missense
35 ATG-->ACG Met=>Thr rs2242956 missense
53 GTG-->ATG Val=>Met rs28934889 missense
59 GTG-->ATG Val=>Met rs111033557 missense
59 GTG-->ATG Val=>Met rs28934890 missense
63 CAT-->GAT His=>Asp rs1799945 missense
65 AGT-->TGT Ser=>Cys rs1800730 missense
67 CGT-->CAT Arg=>His rs139523708 missense
93 GGG-->CGG Gly=>Arg rs28934597 missense
105 ATT-->ACT Ile=>Thr rs28934596 missense
127 CAA-->CAC Gln=>His rs28934595 missense
160 CCC-->ACC Pro=>Thr rs149662565 missense
162 GCC-->TCC Ala=>Ser rs145475682 missense
166 AAG-->GAG Lys=>Glu rs144170531 missense
168 GAG-->CAG Glu=>Gln rs146519482 missense
217 ACC-->ATC Thr=>Ile rs4986950 missense
224 CGG-->CAG Arg=>Gln rs62625346 missense
224 CGG-->TGG Arg=>Trp rs144797937 missense
245 CCA-->GCA Pro=>Ala rs140515012 missense
251 TTC-->TTA Phe=>Leu rs150402693 missense
252 GAA-->GGA Glu=>Gly rs138176635 missense
259 AAT-->AGT Asn=>Ser rs143846467 missense
277 GAG-->AAG Glu=>Lys rs140080192 missense
282 TGC-->TAC Cys=>Tyr rs1800562 missense
283 CAG-->CCG Gln=>Pro rs111033563 missense
295 GTG-->GCG Val=>Ala rs143175221 missense
315 GTT-->CGT Val=>Gly rs147519426 missense
318 GTC-->ATC Val=>Ile rs141229562 missense
322 ATT-->ACT Ile=>Thr rs150716212 missense
327 ATA-->ACA Ile=>Thr rs138993448 missense
330 AGG-->ATG Arg=>Met rs111033558 missense
347 CGT-->CAT Arg=>His rs146508927 missense
Table 2: Missense SNPs [extracted from dbSNP].


<figtable id="Nonsense">

position codon change residue change RS ID SNP type
192 CAG-->TAG Gln=>Ter rs140957442 nonsense
342 TAC-->TAA Tyr=>Ter rs62625348 nonsense
342 TAC-->TAG Tyr=>Ter rs62625348 nonsense
Table 3: Nonsense SNPs [extracted from dbSNP].