Gaucher Disease: Task 09 - Lab Journal

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1. Choose a structure to work with

In the former tasks, we worked with the reference structure 1OGS, because it has no gaps - but an offset of 39 residues at the N terminus, as all structures for our protein P04062 referenced in UniProt - and has a pretty low resolution of 2.0 Å. However, there are four other structures with a lower resolution (all resolved using the X-ray diffraction method). We compare 1OGS and those four structures for the resolution, coverage and gaps, R-factor, R-free and pH-value at which the structure was resolved in the following table.

<figtable id="structure_choice">

PDB-ID Resolution (Å) Chain Covered residues Missing residues R-Value(obs.) R-Free pH Temperature (K)
2NT0 1.79 A/B/C/D 40-536 (92.7%) 1-39? 0.181 0.215 4.5 100
3GXI 1.84 A/B/C/D 40-536 (92.7%) 1-39? 0.193 0.231 5.5 ?
2V3F 1.95 A/B 40-536 (92.7%) 1-39? 0.154 0.196 6.5 100
2V3D 1.96 A/B 40-536 (92.7%) 1-39? 0.157 0.208 6.5 100
1OGS 2.0 A-/B 40-536 (92.7%) 1-39? 0.195 0.230 4.6 100
Comparison of the resolution top five PDB structures according to different other criteria.


Structure 2V3F seems to be a good choice because of the highest pH-value and the lowest R-value and R-free. However, there are some
missing residues, 8 in chain A:

2. Visualise the mutations you want to work with

3. Create mutated structures

Energy comparisons



Gromacs (optional task for those who love MD!)


PDB R-value and R-free