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Please see Task 2 Results for our results on this topic. Please see also Task 2 Scripts for the used scripts.

Reference sequence

The reference sequence of α-Galactosidase A that will be used in the following tasks was obtained from Swissprot P06280.

>gi|4504009|ref|NP_000160.1| alpha-galactosidase A precursor [Homo sapiens]

Sequence searches


We searched the "big80" database with Blast with the following command:

blastall -p blastp -d /mnt/project/pracstrucfunc12/data/big/big_80 -i P06280.fasta -m 0 -o blastsearch_default.out -v 700 -b 700
./extract_ids_blast.sh blastsearch_default.out
perl ../download-annotation.pl blastsearch_default_ids.txt
perl ../compare_GO_terms.pl P06280 blastsearch_default_ids_GOterms.tsv
perl parse_blast.pl blastsearch_default.out

The run took about 2 minutes (see section Time)


Iterations:	 2
Evalue:		0.002

real	3m30.256s
user	2m58.070s
sys	0m13.360s

Iterations:	 2
Evalue:		0.000000001

real	3m8.507s
user	3m5.180s
sys	0m2.400s

Iterations:	 2
Evalue:		0.0000000001

real	3m10.271s
user	3m7.620s
sys	0m2.190s

Iterations:	 10
Evalue:		0.002

real	15m29.218s
user	15m8.910s
sys	0m12.730s

Iterations:	 10
Evalue:		0.000000001

real	16m33.748s
user	16m12.500s
sys	0m13.080s

Iterations:	 10
Evalue:		0.0000000001

real	16m20.137s
user	15m55.910s
sys	0m13.190s

HHblits / HHsearch

We searched the "big80" database with HHblits using the default settings and also with the maximum number of possible iterations (8) with the following commands:

time hhblits -i ../P06280.fasta -d /mnt/project/pracstrucfunc12/data/hhblits/uniprot20_current -e 0.003 -o hhblits_default.out -E 0.003  -z 700
./extract_ids_hhblits.sh hhblits_default.out
perl ../download-annotation.pl hhblits_default_ids.txt
perl ../compare_GO_terms.pl P06280 hhblits_default_ids_GOterms.tsv
perl parse_hhblits.pl hhblits_default.out

time hhblits -i ../P06280.fasta -d /mnt/project/pracstrucfunc12/data/hhblits/uniprot20_current -e 0.003 -o hhblits_n8_neu.out -E 0.003 -n 8 -z 800 -b 800
./extract_ids_hhblits.sh hhblits_n8_neu.out
perl ../download-annotation.pl hhblits_n8_neu_ids.txt
perl ../compare_GO_terms.pl P06280 hhblits_n8_neu_ids_GOterms.tsv
perl parse_hhblits.pl hhblits_n8_neu.out

R CMD BATCH hist_hhblits.R

The first HHblits run took about 2.5 minutes, the second one about 16 minutes (see section Time).


We evaluated the time the programs ran with the command "time"

Method Parameter Time
Blast v = 700 b = 700, v = 700 1m53.944s
HHBlits default 2m19.519s
HHBlits n = 8 16m7.754s


  >R CMD BATCH all_Evalues.R