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This wiki was created after the first Hack-a-Thon Session for Test Cases #9 and #12, held in Amsterdam, September 19-21. For general information about this Session please refer to the AllBio website. The discussion board will be used by all members of the Hack-a-thon team for a regular update on project's status.

What's new

  • New TODO list [Sept 29, 2013]
  • Hack-a-thon protocol and result slides are added to Dropbox
  • Added photos to Dropbox
  • Wiki is up! [Sept 23, 2013]

Annotation Pipelines

  • Trinotate (Agnieszka + Didi+ Oren) output: done | parsing: done.
  • Blast2GO (Estelle ??) output: done | parsing: done??.
  • PotatoCyc (Kate) output: done | parsing: MISSING??.
  • OrthoMCL (Tanya + Esstelle): output: MISSING for 52 proteomes | parsing: MISSING.
  • Phytozome (Itziar) output: done| parsing: done.
  • KEGG (Itziar contacted the KEGG people?) output: done?? | parsing: done??.

Data production status

This section provides information on data collected, processed, completed or not yet completed.

Data Analysis and Integration

Please put your data analysis results into this section Data Analysis and Integration.

TO DO Lists

September 29, 2013

  • Get GO for another KAAS output of PGSC and for 2 KAAS outputs for ITAG [Estelle]
  • OrthoMCL 52 species flow output – calculate all measurement as above. [Estelle, Agnieszka, Didi, Tanya and Oren].
  • Calculate precision and recall to SG and the PotatoCyc output gene lists (after mapping from KEGG to GO IDs [Oren, Agnieszka, Didi].
  • Assigning weights done by Erik and Sanjeev on PGSC to combined results from ITAG (based on corresponding pairs of GO and PGSC_id), so they don't have to do it again manually. [Agnieszka].
  • Searching for the 'SanjeevGold' gene IDs in all outputs separately and collecting some statistics and comparisons. [Agnieszka].
  • Run all expression based analyses on 3 GE data sets: a) all tisues; b) tubers; c) leaves.[Oren, Didi Itziar].
  • Run co-expression simulations
  • Inspected manually modules that averaged r-value scores <0.9.These should help us to get an insights of GO term that highly validated in expression data sets.
  • Plot GO similarity analysis [semsim package – Didi].
  • Get input from Kate and write discussion.
  • Inspect manually the GO prediction made by flows for the carotenoid pathway genes. [Oren].
  • Make annotations available for biologists to use. Communicate with Lukas Mueller involved with Solgenomics site to do this [Oren and Erik]
  • reults and scirpts QA [All]
  • Documentation of scripts and writing MS [All]


New photos from the hack-a-thon in AMS added to ..\Dropbox\Hack-a-thon\photos-Amsterdam\


For any question regarding this wiki page please contact Tatyana Goldberg