Talk:Sequence-based mutation analysis Gaucher Disease

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Hi, I just read your page and found some typos:

  • in the introduction above the index - we assigend a disease score
  • Structual Analysis, last sentence - of disulide bonds.
  • Discussion, V211I - as non-diseas-causing.

Other than that I liked your page. I find the idea to just classify single properties, score them from -1 to 1 and build the average very interesting, although I personally would have weighted the prediction methods higher (which would not have improved you result).

The only real criticism is I wish you would not have gone for a separate discussion of every single SNP, and instead would have described your results in a small text. The discussion of every SNP is a bit repetitive and thus exhausting to read.

--Wagnerr 21:08, 18 June 2012 (UTC)