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From Protein Prediction 2 Winter Semester 2014
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This project is Venn diagrams visualization component development to display list comparison for showing and visualizing gene list differences and relations. The development plans to use a JavaScript library d3js and other important tools/frameworks. It also takes into consideration various other open source Venn diagram projects as code base or experience assessments. One of this projects recommended by our mentors is the jvenn project.

Features and Mockups

The project plans to provide important features and functionalities to enable users interested in gene list comparison and visualization with clear set of requirements possible. The following sections list and illustrate (with mockups and use cases) important user experience (visuals, information structure, and interaction), functionalities and features of the project work.

User Experience Design(UXD)

The project aims to provide a single page application structure, high interaction, better data input and output support, and better data visualization for a good user experience and satisfaction possible.

The work plans to understand users’ value for accessibility and list comparison requirements to achieve good usability. It aims to maintain as well clear visual interaction possible by a minimum sets of simple and less loaded page.

Visuals and Interaction

venn.project mockup

Information Structure (data, presentation...)



= Application Design/Tools and Technologies

Project Roadmap