Sub Cellular Localization

From Protein Prediction 2 Winter Semester 2014
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Sub Cellular Localization in Cell


"To visualize biological cells and highlight by a user selected sub-cellular compartments in a way that they stand out from the un-selected ones"

GUI mockups

Figure 1 : Number of Proteins in cell compartment
Figure 2 : Protein's score in cell compartment
  • User experience
    • Interactivity
    • Easy identification of the number of proteins in cell compartment
    • Good visualization of data
  • Functionality
    • Parsing the user input “txt” file
    • Mapping the file content into visualization
  • Features
    • Good color scheme to highlight :
      • Number of proteins in a compartment
      • Score of each protein (confidence)

Application design


  • Remarks about input format
    • Each text file must contain proteins of only one type of cell
    • Text file format:
      • Protein id
      • Score (certainty of existence of particular protein within a cell compartment)
      • Localization (component)
      • Cell type
Figure 3 : Text File format


Figure 4 : Roadmap

The table's caption
Week number Completed tasks
Week 1 Researching Biology literature in order to identify proteins belonging to different cells (Archaea / Bacteria / Eukaryota) Cell 3
Week 2 Cell B Cell C