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iAnn is an open source community-driven platform for dissemination of life science announcements, such as courses, conferences and workshops.Announcements are curated into a centralised registry through an editor. The information from the registry is exposed to the users through web services. And on top of the web services a javascript application is build to visualize the content using different views (list, maps and calendar).

IAnn workflow.png

Git Repository

1. GUI mockups

User experience

  • Currently the user interface looks like this



How we are going to improve it ?

By incorporating the following visualizations

  • 3D Globe for Maps
  • Word Cloud for filtering.
  • Bilevel/Zoomable Partition Layout for Events.

3D Globe for maps

  • Can able to Rotate the map.
  • Able to view information of each events, here we plan to implement this module using the technique Orthographic to Equirectangular.
  • Along with the event information corresponding url will also be embedded.
3dglobe.PNG Orthographic to Equirectangular.gif
3D Globe Orthographic_to_Equirectangular


  • User can filter the events based on country and date.
  • Interconnected lines between the countries which are likely to have events happening on same date.

BiLevel/Zoomable Partition Layout for Events

  • Navigation through events, with an emphasis on usability.
Vis1.png Vis2.png
Zoomable Partition BiLevel Partition
  • Each inner circle is representing root category, i.e. country, which expands on click and displays details, i.e. events in a selected country.

Word Cloud for Keywords

  • Visualization of the most used keywords in iAnn search.
  • Based on popularity, the size of each word varies.

2. Application design

Expected technical difficulties

  • Implementing Orthographic to Equirectangular on each marker points(countries).
  • Interconnecting lines between the countries when the events from different countries likely to happen on same date, because we need latitude and longitude points to map.

Fancy libraries you plan to use

  • D3.js
  • Angular.js
  • Three.js

3. Data Format


  • Input is likely to be in json format with events,location and date, etc.
  • With the above information it’s difficult to map the exact location in map, we need the latitude and longitude points to overcome it.

4. Roadmap

  • Finalize our proposed ideas.
  • Refactor the existing code of widget to make sure that object oriented approach is followed, so that it’s easy to combine with javascript events.
  • Developing all the required and accepted visualization components.
  • Finally Integrating into widget and upload to BioJs

Week 1(21.11.2014 - 27.11.2014)

"Mentors are happy with our proposed ideas"

After the discussion with our mentors we were able to finalize our task.

Below you can find the list of tasks based on the priority

  • Refactoring the code
  • Refactoring the Solr scheme
  • Solr Migration from 2.1.0 to 2.10
  • Word Cloud
  • 3D Globe
  • Bilevel Partition (if time permits)
  • Configurating Tomcat server instead of Jetty, due to security concerns (if time permits)
  • Preparing endpoints for our visualisation widgets (if time permits)


  • Understanding the working of Ajax Solr.
  • Integrating the new components with the existing widget.
  • Proposing changes for the new general Solr schema.
  • Migrating from version 2.1.0 to 2.10.


  • Setup of repositories, working directories and shared documents
  • Go through some basic tutorials of Ajax Solr.
  • We were successfully able to design a word cloud using D3 for one of the filter options "Host", but need to work on size and onclick events.
  • Apache Solr installed and running in a private virtual machine.
  • Analysed requirements and old schema + started writing proposal for a new one.

Plans for Week 2

  • Implement the word cloud for rest of the filter options.
  • And also to include the onclick events.
  • Initial setup for 3D Globe
  • Deliver proposal (document) for changes in a Solr schema and discuss them with project sponsors.