Homework 3

From Protein Prediction 2 Winter Semester 2014
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Due Nov. 6

1. Examples of good and bad visualization practices

Find on the web two examples of a) a good visualization practice and b) a bad one. For example, this is a good and this is a bad one. Make screenshots of your examples and add them to this Google drive.
Name the files good_yourlastname.png(or jpg) and bad_yourlastname.png(or jpg). In the exercise next week we'll have a slide show of good and bad practices and a discussion.

2. Presentation of a favorite D3 component

Pick a D3 component of your choice to present it together with its code in the exercise (max. 3 mins presentation). For example, you could present Voronoi Tessellation and tell what does it present and what functions and logic it uses by scrolling down to its index.html code. To have everyone presenting a different component, please extend the table below with your name and the component you chose. Note, maximum two people are allowed to form a group and present one component.

Student 1 Student 2 D3 Component name Link to the component

Due Nov. 13