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Introduction to HSSP curve

HSSP is a derived database merging structural (3-D) and sequence (1-D) information. For each protein of known 3-D structure from the Protein Data Bank (PDB), the database has a multiple sequence alignment of all available homologues and a sequence profile characteristic of the family. The list of homologues is the result of a database search in SwissProt using a position-weighted dynamic programming method for sequence profile alignment (MaxHom). The database is updated frequently. The listed homologues are very likely to have the same 3-D structure as the PDB protein to which they have been aligned. As a result, the database is not only a database of aligned sequence families, but also a database of implied secondary and tertiary structures covering 29% of all SwissProt-stored sequences.

Different thresholds for HSSP-curve
Different thresholds for HSSP-curve

Existing visualisations

Tool's Objective

Visualize the HSSP curve and allow the user to dynamically filter or categorize the data shown on the graph for better insights.

Core Functionalities

Task Implemented
Import BLAST results No
Parse BLAST results No
Visualize HSSP curve No
Ability to filter based on a threshold No