Open Hackathon

From Protein Prediction 2 Winter Semester 2014
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  • Time: 5th December
  • Location: Munich (department for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at TUM) RostLab, room MI 01.09.034

What can you expect?


Wait a minute. Where is the catch?

  • No catch, we really want you to have the opportunity to code and deliver an awesome project!

Will your supervisors join the party?

  • Definitely! We will be around!

I need a screen and a keyboard

  • Don't worry. We have enough screens and keyboards. Even two screens or three screens (if you are more a multi tasking guy/girl)

I am new to/confused with JS, D3 and everything. Can I ask for help?

  • Yes, JavaScript can be hard to grasp in the beginning. Use that chance to get your implementation double checked by us