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From Protein Prediction 2 Winter Semester 2014



  • User can choose from different perspectives to view training courses
  • Filter a certain training course in an easy way
  • Show training courses in a map, in a calendar, or in a list


  • Easy and accurate to search a training course
  • User friendly:representing training courses in a more direct way

List ViewMap ViewCalendar View

2. Application design

Expected technical difficulties

  • Multiple feature filtering
  • Extracting the data

libraries you plan to use

  • D3
  • Angular JS

3. Your data

  • Drupal database

-Need to down load a module to allow download of data from database via ISON, XML, etc

4. Roadmap

  • Preparation (get familiar with D3 , access to the database)
  • Visualize our data in 3 Basic forms (column map table)
  • Build them into BIOJS components
  • Other visualization forms